24-48CF thermotron environmental chamber 6'X2'X2' chest


Subject: 24-48CF thermotron environmental chamber 6'X2'X2' chest
Large 24 to 48 cubic foot Chest-Type Thermotron Environmental Chamber with 7.5 hp circulation fan. 6' long by 2' by 2' chamber can be up to 102" by 34" by 24" by changing configuration.
The current configuration is 6' long and 2' by 2'. If you take the filter blank out at the end and filter in the floor, you suddenly have 90 inches of chamber length. If you remove a floor plate, you have 34" of chamber depth. If you do more modest air circulation in a different fan configuration, you can get as much as 102" of chamber length.
This large chest type environmental chamber is currently set up to cool with liquid Nitrogen (or such) and heat with electrical resistance elements. With a 7.5 hp circulation motor, it really pumps a lot of air around at high speed.
The lid of this large unit is operated by a hydraulic pump and solenoid valves. It works great as demonstrated by the images with the lid open.
Air comes out through the holes where you can see blue filter in the image above. The image below shows the grill in front of the 7.5 hp blower that sucks the air in and forces it back under the floor in the current configuration.
There are pockets mounted on the stainless steel walls that hold brackets like those shown in the image below. It looks like the previous user was mounting 4 long tubular items items at a time (small rockets?) We only have two of the black holders.
The heating elements are shown in the dimly lighted image below. They are in the return air passage under the floor in this configuration.
This unit has very thick walls all the way around.
very hard to make out much of the label but it is set up to run off of 460-80 volts 3-phase which is how we tested it.
We actually have the grill for the hole on the left in the image above-it was just removed when this image was taken.
Similar related items may be listed separately or available on request.
Might be just what you need for your wind-tunnel environmental chamber or long horizontal powder coat curing oven application.
Condition looks good funcitonal used but front paint weathered/worn as shown above. Some light rust in limited areas where LN2 was repeatedly spilled. This unit did not come with a controller but we have tested the individual functions. Hydraulics work fine. Fan works fine. Heating elements are SSR controlled and all three measure the same 14.7 ohms resistance cold. The wires are in place for a remote control rack (cut at the end of flex conduit that went to a rack) but replacement controls could easily be mounted on the left end of the unit if space is a consideration.
Double inner seal looks great but outer seal has squished out of retaining space in two places (still works just fine).
Sold as-is. What you see is what you get. We are in the Desert Southwest so items may need dusting/cleaning when they arrive.
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