23X3' 1200 gallon stainlessvacuum chamber--1/2" walls


Subject: 23X3' 1200 gallon stainlessvacuum chamber--1/2" walls
23' by 3' Stainless Steel Vacuum Chamber 162 cubic feet or 1200 gallons. We can customize-cut to length, add flanges, covers, domes, etc.-for modes additional cost for your biodiesel project or other applications.
The unit with the copper bar spiraled around it will be stripped of extraneous attachments so it will be just like the other unit except for the cover on one end. Custom fitted stainless steel rolling carts that these units were originally sitting on are available separately.
The Chamber has about 8 ports, not counting the ends.
There is only one of these end covers.
Weight of each chamber is about 5600 pounds.
Similar items may be available listed separately or on request.
Might be just what you need for your
really serious vacuum chamber application for your bio-diesel project.
Condition looks good used as shown above.
recommended by vacuum-guide.com
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