22" x 48" blohm* hydraulic surface grinding machine


Subject: 22" x 48" blohm* hydraulic surface grinding machine
22" x 48" BLOHM* Hydraulic Surface Grinding Machine with Automatic Incremental Downfeed, Model HFS-512, S/N 12112 (New 1980)
Clamping surface of table 20" x 75"
Maximum grinding length 48"
Maximum grinding width 22"
Maximum distance from table to centerline of spindle 30-1/2"
Height of table from floor 42-1/4"
Maximum table load with magnetic chuck 2,618 Lbs.
Cross traverse of table 20"
Longitudinal traverse of table, hydraulically actuated 55-1/2"
Automatic cross feed, electrically actuated .08" to 2-9/16" per stroke of table
Automatic incremental downfeed rate adjustable 0.00005" to 0.001"
Vertical feed handwheel graduation reads to .0005"
Cross feed handwheel gradutation reads to .001"
Fine cross feed handwheel reads to .00005"
Table speed, longitudinal 6-1/2 to 98 F.P.M.
Standard grinding wheel size 14" diameter x 3-1/8" width
Maximum grinding wheel size 16" diameter x 4" width
Bore of grinding wheel for 16" diameter wheel 5"
*German built. Parts are available from:
United Grinding Technologies Inc.
Hydraulically actuated longitudinal table travel
Electromechanically actuated saddle travel
Ball bearing assemblies for both table and saddle
"Finimatic" automatic incremental downfeed for both surface and plunge grinding modes
with spark out timer set at 0 to 7 passes after pre-set size is reached. Hydraulic and
table stop after spark-out strokes have been finished. Simultaneously grinding head
is lifted. Amount of lifting can be set at control console.
Operator's control station mounted on swing-arm console
Motorized power rapid traverse to grinding wheelhead
20" x 47-3/4" Electromagnetic chuck with Neutrofier control
External hydraulic pump and tank
External coolant pump and tank
15 H.P. spindle drive motor and electrical controls
(F.O.B. Truck, Wilmington, DE)