2182ER - combo kandy king, frosted nuts, nut cooker


Subject: 2182ER - combo kandy king, frosted nuts, nut cooker
This Listing is for the #2182ER RIGHT HAND DUMP "2 in 1" COMBO KANDY KING (incl what you see)
The Combo Kandy King is a perfect machine to make perfect Caramel Corn or Frosted Nuts batch after batch. Because parts of the machine are very HOT, you do not switch back and forth.
Pedestal mounts are 10.25 x 14 (26 x 35 cm), 4000 watts, 230 volts, 60 Hz. EXPORT MODEL 230 volts, 50 Hz. Don't forget to order at least one #2166 Cooling Pan - both Frosted Nuts and Caramel Corn will need it. Without the Cooling Pan, it is very hard to separate the hot product so that it does not stick together in great huge gobs. You do that with gloved hands carefully moving the product around in the Cooling Pan.
See the Stainless Steel Base #2424 in the store under Carts/Wagons/Bases/etc. and the Regular Cooling Pan #2166 or Large Cooling Pan #2169 under ACCESSORIES store category.
The Combo Kandy King will also mount on a counter, cart, or wagon of your choice. The flanged pedestal bolts down about anywhere.
AND This wonderful truck/cart with the Combo Kandy King mounted on it will make a terrific work and production center.
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