200KW generator w/cummins diesel engine


Subject: 200KW generator w/cummins diesel engine
Trailer Mounted Generator w/Cummins Diesel Engine
Our engine Guru bought 2 new 12 volt batteries and connected them up to the unit. He found that the starter solenoid had frozen and replaced it with a new one. He loaded the unit with all new fluids and filters and powered it up. (This unit is equipped with numerous safety cutouts that had to be bypassed, IE. low fuel cutout in the main fuel tank, etc.)
Our evaluation of this unit is
We believe the unit will need some attention by a qualified generator person but the low price combined with the high functional return makes this a great deal for the right person or company.
We did a search on the web and found a unit identical to this one with the information that the generator was manufactured by Libby Corporation. We have no information that can substantiate this but thought you may like to know