2006 manford acu-rite cnc knee mill milling bridgeport


Subject: 2006 manford acu-rite cnc knee mill milling bridgeport
l 3HP Spindle Motor, variable speed
l R8 Spindle Material Scm415(Sab4115)Hardened & Ground.
l Trucite-B On X&Y Ways,Slideways and Gibs.
l Hardened & Ground X&Y Slideways.
l Hardened & Ground Table with Ground T-Slots.
l Electro Less Nickel-Phosphorus Process On X&Y Slideways & Table.
l Highly Improved Vari-Speed Head.
l 1-1/4"(32mm) Diameter Lifting Screw.
l Leveling Screw & Plate On Base.
l Strict Requited Scraping with High Precise Accuracy.
l Rubber chip cover (front & rear )
Table: 9" x 49" (230 x 1245mm)
T-Slot No.x Size: 3" x 5/8" (3 x 15.875mm)
Longitudinal travel 34"(863mm)
Table to spindle nose (D): 1-3/8" - 17-3/8" (34-440mm)
Over swivel on turret: 360º
Head tilt ( UP & DOWN ): 45º
Spindle to column (F): 6"-21" (153-544mm)
Quill feed: 0.0015" - 0.003" - 0.006"
Spindle Speed (r.p.m.): ( 60Hz) 60-4500
Overall height (A): 84" (2140mm)
Overall depth (B): 63-5/8" (1618mm)
Overall width (C): 59" (1497mm)
Net Weight: 2200 lbs. (950 Kgs)
MILLPWR® Features and Benefits
3-axes Control/3-axes Readout
Significantly improves efficiency, productivity and profitability; may be used automatically or manually.
Immediate-part-view Graphics
Verify part programs before and during machining to reduce errors and scrap; use zoom features for intricate details.
10" Flat Panel, Color, LCD Display
View information instantly on MILLPWR's large, color, operator-friendly display with immediate graphic feedback.
3-D, Tactile-Feel, Color Keypad
Locate application-specific function, adjust feed rates on the fly, and start/stop MILLPWR quickly and easily.
Large Internal Part Program Storage Capacity
Store multiple part programs in MILLPWR's internal memory for convenient access anytime.
Connect MILLPWR to your PC for convenient program transfer and storage.
Save part programs to or load part programs from a floppy diskette for quick storage and retrieval.
Stop X-, Y- and Z-axes movement immediately to avoid damage or injury.
Start and stop movement with a hand-held switch.
* Die-cast Metal Enclosures
* Recessed, Interlocking Lipseal
Rely on MILLPWR to withstand the harsh conditions that exist in machine shop environments
Eliminate the need for backlash compensation with ACU-RITE precision glass scales.
ACU-RITE Precision Glass Scales
Depend on precision glass scales for:
* High Resolution (2µm/.0001")
* Fast slew speeds (40 inches per second)
* Elimination of Backlash Compensation
* Advanced Technology (Position-Trac")
Machine heavy cuts or position each axis at a maximum speed of 100 inches per minute.
Precision Ground and Hardened Ballscrews
Lets you enjoy smooth positioning and less wear than conventional lead screws
(row, frame, array, and full or partial bolthole patterns)
Select routine milling functions (lines, arcs, rectangles, crircles, etc.) with the press of a button
Create a list of frequently used tools to save time while programming a part.
Calculate bolthole patterns instantly.
Insert a radius between two lines, two arcs, or a line and an arc.
Menu-Prompted, Conversational Programming
Easily create part programs-follow the menu prompts and let MILLPWR do the rest.
Select routine milling functions (lines, arcs, rectangles, circles, etc.) with the press of a button.
Immediate-part-view Graphics
Verify part programs before and during machining to reduce errors and scrap; use zoom features for intricate details.
Absolute/Incremental Displays
Display table movement/positions relative to workpiece zero (absolute) or from feature to feature (incremental).
Enter dimensions directly from the print without mathematical interpolation.
Avoid math errorsconvert from inches to millimeters (and vice versa) instantly.
Preset absolute and incremental dimensions, then machine to zero.
Establish workpiece zero within seconds.
Easily manipulate part programs to save time and reduce program steps.
Program a continuous closed contour that has an irregular shape for multiple passes.
Engrave alphanumeric references into a part vertically, horizontally, diagonally or on an arc.
Create a continuous contour and add finishing passes with approach and departure moves to avoid tool marks.
Program chamfers quicklywithout calculating end points.
Create raised features on any part.
Program spirals with various sizes and sweep angles.
Use a tool, edge finder or indicator to create a program from an existing part.
Easily, quickly and accurately reestablish workpiece zero after power loss.
View program steps like bolthole patterns, engrave, repeat, rotate and mirror in more detail. Start programs at any step.
Reverse the begin and end points, as well as the tool offset for any step or group of successive steps.
Remove unwanted steps quickly and easily.
Allows you to duplicate or rearrange steps within any program.
Lets you stop MILLPWR after each step enabling you to check your position and other program information before continuing.
Allows you run your entire program at maximum speed without stoppingthis enables you to determine things like whether or not you have enough material to machine your part.
With this activated, the table will not move, but the screen will show you how your part will be cut.
Select this to position the table using the handles.
Displays the tools cutting path as you machine your part.
Automatically adjusts the part graphic so that the tool is always in view.
Math Assistance With Result Transfer
Perform math calculations on screen and transfer them directly into part programs.
Provides you with the means of performing complex mathematical calculations.
Geometry Calculator (GEOCALCä)
Enables you to calculate missing information that does not appear on your print.
Calculate RPM values simply by entering the tool diameter and the surface speed that you want to operate at.
Jog control for X- & Y-Axes (separately or simultaneously)
Info key (instantly access information about any function)
Move quickly from one loaction to anotherusing one axis at a time or any two axes simultaneously.
Enter the tool's diameter and length, and MILLPWR will automatically compensate for the tool's dimensions while machining. This allows you to program the part instead of the tool path.
Adjust the feed rate without exiting the milling function or program.
Use a tool, electronic edge finder or indicator to create a program from an existing part.
Reduce programming time by loading part geometry from a CAD file.
MILLPWR has the ability to read and execute G-Code files from your CAD/CAM software for full 3-D contouring.
Look up drill/tap sizes and surface speeds in seconds.
Monitor keypad and memory functions to reduce troubleshooting time and scrap.
Scales Factoring (Multiplier)
Machine a part to print dimensions while allowing for shrinkage or expansion.
Establish maximum travel limits with software, instead of costly mechanical switches that reduce travel.
Add text messages into any program.
Program coolant, machine lubrication and/or other items to turn on, off pulse automatically when running a program.
Couple the movement of two parallel axes (i.e. the quill and knee) and never lose track of your Z-axis position again.
Organize programs for better file management-and faster retrieval.
Reduce setup time and math errors-let MILLPWR calculate the centerline between two or more points.
Merge one program with another to significantly reduce programming time.
Back up part programs on a floppy diskette or on a PC via an RS-232 port.
Ensure consistent cutting accuracy by compensating for machine tool wear.
Control workpiece quality, repeatability and finish.
Keep track of run times, monitor throughputeven estimate how long a job will take.
3-axis Control/3-axis Readout
Improves productivity by allowing automatic or manual operation.
Enables the operator to position the quill manually by allowing them to easily and quickly disengage the Z-axis (quill) drive.
Provides the ability to position the quill from one depth to another.
Eliminates the need for backlash compensation through precision glass scale linear encoders.
Position-Trac" ("Find Home" Feature)
Enables the operator to easily, quickly and accurately reestablish workpiece zero.
"Hole" and "Position/Drill" steps give you the option of programming the quill to "peck" or pause briefly. Peck cycles are used to break chips and reduce chip buildup during drilling operations.
Using the "Tool Retract" feature, you can program MILLPWR to raise the quill at the specified distance or frequency. This will also allow the tool you're drilling with to cool.
"Dwell" is the length of time (in seconds) that the quill will pause during a tool retract.
The quill will feed down then rapidly move up.
The quill will feed down then feed up.
The operator will be prompted to move the quill manually
Enables the operator to machine threads or traces along the inside or outside walls of a hole.
Begin & End Depths and Feed Rate
Lets the operator determine where the tool will begin and end its cutting motion. The operator may also program a feed rate.
Allows the operator to establish a position for the quill to return to between program steps.
Compensates for various tool lengths; reducing math errors and scrap parts. Aloows the operator to program the part; not the tool path.
Allows the operator to control the number of cuts used to machine an area to its "End" depth.
Enable the operator to quickly switch between automated and manual operations with the use of the quill quick release knob.
Provides a safe work envelope within the machines maximum travel by allowing the operator to establish travel limits.
Allows movement of the quill to be coupled with movement of the knee.
Enable the operator to immediately stop table and quill movement. The spindle will continue to rotate unless the machine has been wired and configured not to do so.
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