2006 electro freeze soft serve ice cream machine 30TRMT


Subject: 2006 electro freeze soft serve ice cream machine 30TRMT
Select Distributing - Nashville,TN
( Less Than 500 hours of operation )
Produces 454 - 8oz servings per hour
We have inspected and serviced this machine to ensure proper operation and your satisfaction !!
50 cones a day at $1.29 equals $1500 gross profit in 30 days. Pay for your machine this summer!
YOU can arrange your own freight if you get a better rate !
An industry original, the 30T-RMT is the most imitated (but never duplicated) freezer on the market. High on capacity, this 3-flavor twist machine has a refrigerated mix cabinet and incorporates the patented Mix Transfer System. 30T-RMT is excellent for dispensing any soft serve mix, including high butterfat products.
2 Cylinders - with three dispensing valves
Compressor H.P.: 2 H.P. 9,500 BTU/HR
Height: 68-1/8" (Water cooled model 67-1/2")
Spec. Sheet: http://www.hcduke.com/spec_sheets/184873%2030T-RMT.pdf
! OK to arrange your own freight !
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