20" x 60" kikinda hydraulic surface grinder


Subject: 20" x 60" kikinda hydraulic surface grinder
20" x 60" KIKINDA Hydraulic Surface Grinder With Programmable Incremental Downfeed, Model PRB-500/1500, S/N 250 (New 1990)
Width x length ground (nominal capacity)
Maximum wheelhead height adjustment
Auto incremental downfeed, programmable in
16" diameter x 2" wide x 5" bore
Programmable automatic incremental downfeed
Automatic wheel retraction and table park at completion of grind cycle
Digital display on control console for setting amount of stock to be removed per
Column mounted digital readout for display of wheelhead position
20" x 60" Electromagnetic chuck with Neutrofier control
Coolant system with paper filtration
Machine is wired for 3/60/230 volt operation.
Parts and service available from:
166" L-R x 108" F-B x 107" High