20 hp industrial cooling radiator with fan


Subject: 20 hp industrial cooling radiator with fan
20 hp industrial cooling radiator with fan.
This is what you need if you have some water/liquid cooled industrial equipment and don't otherwise have a supply of chilled water. While it will not bring the liquid temperature below ambient air temperature, in many cases this is all you need for cooling something like a liquid cooled air compressor. You do need a circulation pump and maybe a reservoir. With a 20 hp fan, this unit is going to move a tremendous amount of air through the coils.
guessing it is around 8-10 gallons as it sits. The radiator part is about 38 by 36 by 6 inches thick and the tanks are about 38 by 6 by 3. The fan diameter is 32 inches.
Looks like a standard radiator cap is needed to top it off.
The top radiator hose is shown below.
In and out are 1.5 inch diameter.
There is an industrial ball valve drain shown above with the lower radiator hose to the left. Other views of the lower hose follow.
The radiator and fan assembly are mounted to a steel stand via rubber vibration isolators.
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Might be just what you need for your really serious cooling radiator application.
Condition looks really good used. Does not appear to have had much of any use, just time sitting out. The rubber mounts show a bit of age cracking.
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