2 em generator 175KW le roi L3000 V12 engine leroi


Subject: 2 em generator 175KW le roi L3000 V12 engine leroi
Pictured are two industrial 175kw EM generators on super heavy duty Le Roi L3000 Drilling Engines. These are very interesting and historic units with lots of service life left in them. Would be great for many applications where a lot of power is needed, or perhaps for the avid collector. They are designed to be easily operated, serviced and maintained. They are currently set up to run on natural gas but could also run on gasoline or butane with minor modification.
These units were bought new by Arkansas General Ice Co. here in El Dorado from the Ingersoll Corp. who was the EM distributor here at that time. They were used as backup generators for their large refrigeration units and ice saws. They were used indoors and serviced regularly. The current owner purchased them in the late 80's/early 90's when the ice house closed. He is the second owner and has kept them stored inside his warehouse since. As a machinist, he purchased these units as a hoby interest. He has started one, but has never done anything with them. As seen below, I have all the original papers and documentation, including parts manuals and detailed blueprints directly from the engineers at EM.
The generators were manufactured by Electric Machinery MFG. Company (EM) out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. The two generators are synchronous and included in the sale is the main EM control panel.
I have detailed parts diagrams, specifications, blueprints, and a replacement parts book for the generators and control panel.
The engines are 1953 Le Roi L3000 Drilling Engines. During that time the L3000 was commonly used on drilling rigs in the oil field and in many power plants as well as agricultural applications. In 1953 there were more Le Roi's powering cotton gins than all other engines combined.
Bore and Stroke: 6-3/4 x 7 inches
Speed Range, Full Load, RPM: 600-1200
Starting System: Le Roi 4-Cylinder Pony Engines (we also have an air starter)
Fuel System: Natural Gas (can be modified to run on butane or gasoline)
Upgraded with Woodward UG8 Governors
I have graphs showing brake horsepower, lbs. ft. torque, and fuel consumption at various RPMs. I also have detailed specifications of engine parts such as: crank, rods, cam, bearings and valves.
Le Roi Engines: I have brochures with information about the engines and applications. Included are detailed graphs and specifications. In addition, I have a blueprint of the air cleaner assembly. I also have the original invoices and manual for the Woodward governors.
EM Generators: I have the EM Synchronizer, which appears to be a periodical sales publication with information about the generators. I have an EM renewal parts catalog along with correspondence between EM and Ingersoll Corp on EM letterhead. I also have the following blueprints which are 1954 copies of the original blueprints used by the engineers at EM:
Tabulation of Operating Data: 6 copies
Synchrostat Voltage Regulator Wiring Diagram: 2 Copies
Generator Control Outline: 2 Copies
Suggested Connection for Large Frequency Meter: 3 Copies
Switchboard Connection Diagram: 1 Copy
Voltage Regulator Relay: 1 Copy
Also included are three instruction books for the Synchrostat GR and GR2 voltage regulators.
Feel free to email with any questions.