2 ektron applied imaging 6444R laser film recorder part


Subject: 2 ektron applied imaging 6444R laser film recorder part
Ektron Applied Imaging 6444R Laser Film Recorder Drum Scanner made May of 1989 and 6444S Color Scanner January 1990 Parts Units .
We are offering both these very large/heavy units as spare parts for someone who is still using these machines. They are not complete as they have had some cannibalization, most notably the cameras and drum drives. We will consider selling parts if we don't get interest as a total. There are some fantastic mechanicals in these units. Examples follow:
3) 10" thick by 80" long granite surface plates grade AA.
4) Precision balanced high speed rotating 48" by 24" diameter drums.
5) Large high precision rotary encoders.
The drum drive originally went here but has been removed from both units. The drum is about 48" long and 24" in diameter.
The opposite end of the drum has this fantastic glass rotary encoder visible in the images above and below.
Ektron Applied Imaging 644R Laser Film Recorder Drum Scanner made May of 1989
6444S Color Scanner January 1990.
In the image above you can see the drum to the right with the camera scanner head to the left (red wires looping up over it).
The image above shows the camera scanner head carriage with the red cables. This assembly rides on precision linear ways for about 4 feet of travel. Part of the ways, linear encoder and linear servo motor can be seen in the image below. There is a shock absorber stop at the extreme right.
The image above shows, from left to right, the linear encoder, one rail, the linear motor, the second rail and the wire flex carriage. The drum is to the extreme left.
In the image below, you see the left end of the linear encoder, rail and linear motor, plus the shock absorber stop at the extreme left side.
The image below shows an outside end shot of the left end of the linear travel, drum and the covered rotary encoder.
Note the 10" thick granite below.
Similar items may be available listed separately or on request.
Might be just what you need for your
laser drum scanner film recorder parts application.
Condition looks good parts cannibalized as discussed above. Again, we will consider parting out if we don't get interest in the whole thing.
Sold as-is-where-is. What you see is what you get. We are in the Desert Southwest so items may need dusting/cleaning when they arrive.
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