20" x 72"cc landis plain cylindrical grinder, model d


Subject: 20" x 72"cc landis plain cylindrical grinder, model d
20" x 72"cc LANDIS Plain Cylindrical Grinder, Model D, S/N 28818
(Originally Built 1944, Electrically & Mechanically Updated in the 1990's)
Headstock and tailstock spindle center taper
30" diameter x 12" bore x 3" wide
Hydraulically actuated longitudinal travel of table
Manual infeed of grinding wheelhead
Babbit lined steel wheel spindle bearings
Manual swivel adjustment of table for grinding tapers
Infinitely variable workhead speeds with updated DC spindle motor and controls
Independent adjustment of workhead center on four sides by loosening set screws
(uses the same principle as a four-jaw chuck)
Combination live or dead center arrangement for workhead
Digital tachometers for percent of load and wheel speed
Pressurized lubrication system for wheelhead spindle bearings
Updated RELIANCE ELECTRIC 15 H.P. 3/60/230-460 volt wheelhead drive motor
with RELIANCE ELECTRIC #GV3000/SE Sensorless Enhanced AC Inverter Drive
Machine is wired for 230 volt operation.
216" L-R x 87" F-B x 78" High