18003 equine veterinary endoscopy endoscope fiberscope


Subject: 18003 equine veterinary endoscopy endoscope fiberscope
UNIVERSAL! 9.8mm 3 METER! Fiber
This Portable Fiber Equine 3 Meter Scope represents the latest in 3 Meter technology. Also can be used for Large Canine Patients! The scopes have a high-resolution image of 30,000 elements as in a regular fiberscope. They are designed exclusively for canine and equine veterinarians for upper airway and gastrointestinal use. Perfect for Race Track Horse Nasal Exams! The system offers portability with its unique ability to run on 110 Volts or 220v AC.
* Articulation: 4-way (120 degrees in all directions)
* Flexible Endoscope shaft: 9.8 mm diameter x 3 meters with insertion depth markings
* Working channel: has a 2.6 mm
* Depth of field: 10 mm (.4") to 1000 mm (40")
Water Bottle and Connector are Olympus Compatible!!!
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*System may not include all accessories required to perform procedures. ( Biopsy forceps, cleaning brushes, Aspiration pump, suction tubing, cleaning accessories, etc )
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