17 kw portable guardian generator


Subject: 17 kw portable guardian generator
GUARDIAN''s Ultra Source® portable generators are the most powerful portable generators on the market and offer the best value in the business. They supplement our complete line of residential and commercial automatic standby generators and are ideal for power on the job site or as an emergency source of electricity at home or in commercial applications such as gas stations.
Our 17,500-watt models feature our own OHVI® 992cc industrial grade engine. This powerhouse is renowned for its reliability, long life, impressive power and smooth, quiet operation.
Paired with our indoor rated manual transfer switch, the new 17,500-watt unit makes it easy to use a portable generator during an outage. With up to 16 pre-wired circuits, all that''s required is to start the generator and plug it in. By flipping a switch, the utility is locked out and the load is transferred to the generator.
Breakthrough Design: Our 17.5 kW can start a 5-ton A/C unit
Circuit Coverage: Protects up to 16 circuits (17.5 kW model)
Automatic Voltage Regulator: Quality electrical output for sensitive electronics
Electronic Governor: Fast response to changing electrical loads
Generac OHVI® V-Twin Industrial Engine: The ONLY air-cooled engine designed specifically for generators
Longest Life Expectancy in the Industry: Over 3,000 hours of run time
Full Pressure Lubrication: Continuous lubrication of all vital engine parts for from moment of start up for ultimate engine protection
Spin-on Oil Filter: Automotive style for easy maintenance and prolonged engine life
Electric Start '' Quick start
50-amp High Power Outlet, Twistlock Plug, plus GFCI Protected Duplex Outlets
Wheel Kit and Heavy Duty Lifting Eye
Outlets 2 x 120V 20A GFCI 2 x 120V 20A 2 x 120V 30A Twistlock
1 x 120/240V 30A Twistlock 1 x 240V 50A 1 x 12Vdc 10A
Dimensions (H" x W" x L")38.5 x 30.75 x 48.5
* Includes indoor rated, pre-wired manual transfer switch