160 ton osterwalder fine blanking press, gkp-f (19244)


Subject: 160 ton osterwalder fine blanking press, gkp-f (19244)
160 Ton, OSTERWALDER, No. GKP-F 100/160, Upgraded Electrics, Feed Equipment
MODEL..................................GKP-F 100/160
SERIAL NUMBER..........................69785
Blanking Tonnage, 100 Metric Ton
Hydraulic Opposing Force-High, (Counter Pressure), 4-40 Metric Ton
Hydraulic Opposing Force-Low, (Counter Pressure), 0.5-5 Metric Ton
Ejector Force, 4-10 Metric Ton
'V' Ring Force, 6-50 Metric Ton
Stripper Force, 6-12 Metric Ton
Upper Table (Platen), 470mm x 470mm
Lower Table (Platen), 470mm x 502mm
Clearance Between Columns (Front to Back), 500mm
Clearance Between Columns (Right to Left), 220mm
Daylight Between Platens (Fixed Punch), 234mm-314mm
Maximum Material Thickness, 10mm
Electrical: 16 KW @ 220 or 480 Volt
Air: 350 1/Min @ 80 to 120 PSI
Water: City or Cooling Tower Water Required
Foundation Or Floor Plan To Be Supplied Upon Request
Press has a Complete Electrical and Electronic Upgrade Using
an Omron PLC Coupled With an Unicor C.R.T. All Timing and
Counting Functions are Set and Monitored via the Setup and
Production Screens of the C.R.T. All Switches and Pot Meters
That are Part of Setup Selections Have Been Removed From
Control Panel and are Selected From the C.R.T. Setup Screens.
A Digital Resolver Replaces the 12 Prox. Switches and Cams and
Thru an Analog Input Card and P.L.C. Controls all Ram Position
A Linear Transducer is Installed to Monitor the Shut Height
Position With the Ability to Control or Limit the Minimum
A Cooling Filtering Loop has Been Added to the Hydraulic
System Using a Circulating Pump, Heat Exchanger and Cartridge
Press is Equipped With a Separate Hydraulic Power Unit for
Mechanical Drive Roll Infeed Unit has Been Replaced With an
Air Powered Gripper Feed Unit.
Outfeed Unit is Still the Original Mechanical Drive Roll
Flywheel Clutch System has Been Brought up to Code With a
Ross Clutch Valve and Brake, Front Safety Gate has Been
Upgraded and Brought up to Code With New Safety Switches.
Chopper Hood has Been Extended 18" and Meets Code.
Note: All Upgrades and Conversions Have Been Fully
Documented With Current Drawings and Schematics, Ladder
Press Comes With Some Insert Rings. A Standard Set Includes,
Lower Platen 28/40/60/80/100 mm. Upper Platen 22/32/42/52/81/102mm.
All items are offered locally and could be sold previous to end of store listing.