16 channel wired digital video recording system


Subject: 16 channel wired digital video recording system
This surveillance system allows you to install up to 16 wired cameras to digitally record all activity. This DVR has full networking capability and uses a GeoVision DVR card which allows you to view live video on the Internet. All cameras, cables and monitor included. If you'd like to pick your own cameras, etc., we suggest you start with our 16 channel DVR. This complete surveillance system includes the following plus a just-for-you discount: (1) PC-based 16 channel DVR running Windows XP operating system. (DVR-16CH) (16) Day/Night Color Wired Bullet Cameras (BC-30WC) (16) 100 foot Video Cables (CA-100) (1) 17 inch LCD Monitor (LCD-17) If you bought these items separately this system would cost you $7,167.00. But by purchasing the complete system you only pay $4,973.00...a savings of $2,194.00. ''ĒCS-DVR16CH 16 Channel Wired Surveillance System $4,973.00
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