15 kv capcitor bank 3 phase with tower


Subject: 15 kv capcitor bank 3 phase with tower
Ganson Rose Equipment and Richard Paul Associates are offering the following piece of equipment. The piece has been tested to assure the unit works as designed, has been cleaned and any defects corrected. Each piece of equipment is ready for use, some pieces may need minor cleaning of dusting and if used for Food Products surfaces should be sanitized. If you have any questions regarding this piece of equipment or any other please feel free to call me @ Cell or Office
Item description: 15 KV Capacitor Bank with Rack and tower. This tower has set up with five capacitors per phase 7.62 KV O ''N-. 15 single bushing capacitors total. Each Capacitor is 100 KVAR '' 7620 Volts '' 95 BIL
Model Number: Capacitor W.O. AC54176
Size: 10'' Wide x 14'' High x 7'' Deep