1428 massey ferguson 4X4 tractor hst w/attachments


Subject: 1428 massey ferguson 4X4 tractor hst w/attachments
Okay, I am going to offer this item for a great price to the individual that knows a good deal when he or she sees it. I had this item listed for $14,000.00 with all the attachments in December, but I am listing it for $11,000.00! That is $3,000.00 less than what I was offering it for! I really need to sell this item. Only two types of people will pass this up: idiots, and those that don't need a tractor! Happy New Year!!
Hi, here is a Massey Ferguson 1428 tractor. It has a 28 horsepower diesel engine, a Hydrostatic transmission, and a three point hitch. This tractor only has 57 hours on it so it is practically brand new! This tractor is in excellent shape and it comes with a brush hog, shredder, blade, and tiller attachment.
I have used the blade to grade a driveway and the tiller to turn some soil for a garden but other than that, I have not used the tractor and for this reason I am selling it to someone who truly needs it. Bought it thinking I was going to be like the guy on Green Acres, but I am too busy with my business to even plant a kiss on my wife's lips much less a garden.