140 watt CO2 laser sharplan 1100 by laser industries


Subject: 140 watt CO2 laser sharplan 1100 by laser industries
140 watt CO2 Laser Sharplan 1100 by Laser Industries.
The power source is in the rolling base. The laser tube is on top the column that powers up and down as shown between the image above and the one below. There is an articulating laser output tube on top of everything-shown in the stowed position in these images and opened up in one of the images some distance below.
This unit should be good for training, experimentation and industrial engraving applications. As this unit is capable of putting out seriously dangerous power, it must only be used by properly trained adults and purchaser will be required to prove they qualified.
Note that the 140 watts was the company claim at the time the unit was made. Age and changing standards may mean output as measured by current standards is lower.
It looks like the following link is now the factory website.
Esc sharplan laser and light medical equipment
The articulated output beam line is shown above. There are no end of arm focusing optics.
These images show the gas bottle and lable side of the unit. Note that there are regulators and gauges for 4 gas cylinders.
Looks like it was made in Israel.
There is a very nice looking Alcatel 2004 2-stage vacuum pump included.
We took the cover off the laser tube area to confirm everything looks to be in place.
Other similar items may be available listed separately or on request.
Might be just what you need for your modest industrial carbon dioxide laser application.
excellent older. Looks like it has had very little use. Powers on as shown but laser not tested as we don't have the gases to hook up to it. We found a matching unit listed for about $20,000 (19K euros).
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