14" industrial power drive bead roller by mittler bros


Subject: 14" industrial power drive bead roller by mittler bros
14" Throat Industrial Tube Beading Machine by Mittler Bros.
(1) $105 Roll Set and Stand Included
Designed with the 16 gauge tubing application in mind, this machine will bead the end of your mild steel, aluminum, and stainless applications. Great for Cold Air Intakes, Turbo, and Large Diameter hose applications.
* Produces approx. .250" wide bead x .090" tall
* .065" Stainless, 4130, and Aluminum Capacity
* Standard bead depth of 5/8" from edge of tube
* 3/8" Fabricated Construction
* 14" throat for optional sheet metal work
* Heat Treated Gears for Long Life
Make edges on rounded wheel-well openings as well as straight edges stronger, safer and more professional in appearance with Hem Rolls. This easy, three-step process creates hem rolls approximately 1/4" deep on steel or aluminum. All rolls are heat-treated for lifetime service.
Hem Rolls (set of three)............................
Largest Selection of Rolls to Choose From $105 per.
Available in Heat Treated Steel
Built in edge guide makes a tough job easier. Designed to roll a strengthening bend around the edge of the panel, also works good for wheel well openings.
Doing light gauge material? We offer powered units for .040 mildsteel (.050 aluminum) starting at $550. Call or email for details!
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