1200TON hydraulic forging coining press usa


Subject: 1200TON hydraulic forging coining press usa
1200Ton hydraulic forging coining press USA
* Every day we run this machine at 900-1200 ton forging badges, medallions, large coins, door knobs, knives and forks.
* Our largest job to date has been an 7 inch round Solid brass hub cap for antique cars, this job required 6 strikings at 1200 ton!
* We have 4 of these hydraulic press in production 10-12 hours every day with over 1,000,000 cycles to date and counting.
* .In automatic mode the press will cycle 15-20 SPM (stokes per minute) at 800 tons,
* Very reliable ...Low pressure hydraulic systems for greater safety and less leakage...
* One piece hardened chrome-moly steel piston... No Rubber Seals!!! ...
* Metallic piston sealing rings for long seal life... Co-axial jack cylinder for smoother, faster rapid approach... Electronic speed control... Display screen for cycle control and system diagnostics... Tonnage and swell time infinitely adjustable via display screen... "Honest" dwell time begins after preset pressure is reached... Large capacity hydraulic oil reservoir... Air to oil heat exchanger... Low speed/low pressure "JOG" mode to aid in die setting.... Fully automatic mode for use with strip or blank feeder... Two anti tiedown palm buttons for manual operation... Pneumatic, polycarbonate safety door with NEMA interlock switch... Multi hit feature allows up to six hits per cycle at different tonnage's and dwell times... Over travel limit switch... Press can be operated continuously at maximum rated tonnage...
* Fred Ricci Tool Co. is a 3rd generation Tool and Die company, We can build tooling for you, all that is needed is a sample or artwork.
* Please call Frank @ if you have any questions. We have financing available. Come to RI for an inspection, I have presses from 250 to 1200 ton.
* The design of this machine utilizes the latest in hydraulic technology with time proven reliability.
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