12" x 20" cincinnati cnc od grinder


Subject: 12" x 20" cincinnati cnc od grinder
This CNC Grinder is surplus only because the company that had it went out of business. I will sell this to you with a 30 Day money back return privilege and I do have the capability of loading on your truck. I can assist you with shopping the freight if you desire me to do so. Please call and ask for Paul Trossman if there are any questions, or feel free to email me at .
EQUIPPED WITH: Acramatic 700G CNC Control w/CRT, Multiple Part Program Storage, Control Gauging System, 90 Degree (Straight) Wheelhead, Ballscrew and Electric Servo Drive of X and Z Axis, Coolant System with Combination Magnetic and Fabric Filter.
Swing Over Table, Maximum = 13",
Grinding Diameter, Maximum (with New Wheel) = 12",
Grinding Length, Maximum (Work Length) = 20",
Grinding Wheel, Standard Diameter = 20",
Grinding Wheel, Standard Width = 3",
Grinding Wheel, Standard Hole Diameter = 8",
Table Rapid Traverse Rate = 400 IPM,
Table Feed Rates = .001-99.999 IPM,
Wheelhead Infeed Rapid Traverse Rate = 250 IPM,
Wheelhead Infeed Feed Rates = .002-.999",
Table Swivel Angle Toward Wheelhead = 10 Degrees,
Table Swivel Angle Away From Wheelhead = 2 Degrees,
Wheelhead (Grinding Wheel) Speed = 8500 SFPM,
Approximate Machine Dimensions = 90" x 146",
Approximate Machine Height = 86",
Approximate Machine Weight = 14,624 LBS,