12" x 19"cc tschudin universal cylindrical grinder


Subject: 12" x 19"cc tschudin universal cylindrical grinder
12" x 19"cc TSCHUDIN Universal Cylindrical Grinder, Model HTG-420 S/N 82-420 (New 1982)
Wheel size (diameter x width x bore)
Automatic and gradual infeed with table traverse
Travel of the infeed cross slide, automatically
Travel of cross slide by using handwheel
Rapid infeed of the cross slide
Reversing dwell of table slide
Spindle speed, infinitely variable
Swivel graduations, clockwise/counter-clockwise
Factory installed 50mm risers increasing swing over table to 11.81"
Traverse and plunge grinding cycles
Rapid advance and retraction of grinding wheelhead
Motorized workhead with dual live/dead spindle
External hydraulic pump and tank
External coolant pump and tank
Dual voltage hydraulic pump and coolant pump motors
Machine is wired for 230 volt operation.
(F.O.B. Truck, Hauppauge - Long Island, NY)