12" cvi tm 250 torr master cryopump vacuum pump


Subject: 12" cvi tm 250 torr master cryopump vacuum pump
12" CVi TM 250 Torr Master Cryopump Vacuum Pump.
We measure the inside of the barrel as just under 12" but the 250 implies 250mm which would be just under 10".???
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PHPK Technologies Incorporated
PHPK Technologies was established in June of 1991 by a group of individuals with a long history in the cryogenic and vacuum industry; specifically with CryoVac Inc./CVI Inc., which was the leader in the developing cryogenic industry. PHPK standard products include vacuum jacketed piping, CVI TorrMasterĀ® Cryopumps/Cryocoolers (from 8''¯ to 48''¯), cryogenic globe valves (Ā½''¯ OD tube size through 14''¯ NPS pipe size), and a series of standard bayonet connectors, seal-off valves, and numerous other products and equipment suitable for the transport and control of cryogenic fluids through the 4K range. This line of standard products is incorporated into custom engineered and turnkey systems as well as being sold as stand-alone products. PHPK manufactures vessels, vacuum chambers, compressor systems, helium refrigerators and other major engineered systems. In April 2004, PHPK purchased a modern 36,120 square foot engineering and manufacturing facility located on 5 acres. Contact Tim Savely, PHPK Technologies, 2111 Builders Place, Columbus, Ohio 43204, phone: , fax: , e-mail: , website: www.phpk.com
Looks like there is a bit of residue as shown in the image above so we think it needs service/rebuild.
Has been in storage since 4 of 2003 according to the tag.
Other similar items may be available listed separately or on request.
Might be just what you need for your big cryo vacuum pump application.
good and serviceable as shown but not tested.
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