100BPH fully auto 3,4,5 gallon water bottling machine


Subject: 100BPH fully auto 3,4,5 gallon water bottling machine
Angel 100BPH Automatic Bottling Machine
3 cycles, single row automatic bottling machine. A good medium sized bottling machine for the water store or small bottler. Low running costs and high reliability based on the proven design concept. The built-in adjustable legs provide 150mm ground clearance to meet the health standard requirements of most Government Health Departments. As with all our machines many variations and upgrades are possible at your option.
18.9L (5gall) or 11.3L (3gall) or 15L (4 gall)
Power of sanitizer cleaning pump
Pure water washing/filling pump
0.1cubic meter 0.17cubic meter/minute, 0.7Mpa/square meter
Bottle washing time with sanitizer water
Bottle washing time with clean/tap water
Bottle washing time with pure water
* The displayed selling price is FOB, Shenzhen, China.
* Fremantle Western Australia US$1,500
* Sydney, Australia US$1,400
* Jakarta, Indonesia US$345
* Brisbane, Australia US$1,445
* Felixstowe, UK US$1,800
* We reserve the right to amend specifications and prices without notice.
* We are happy to modify designs and features to your requirements.
* Automatic Bottling Machines up to 900BPH available.
* Free spare parts kit supplied
The above machine is from our budget range and is hugely popular where price constraints are an issue. For US, Australian and European markets where higher specifications are required we build to suit. Build options are flexible and comprehensive, including such options as heated wash, internal+external bottle washing, safety cut-off devices, auto loading, built-in UV sterilization lamps, casters etc
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