100" x 137 ton fratelli farina hydraulic press brake


Subject: 100" x 137 ton fratelli farina hydraulic press brake
100" x 137 Ton FRATELLI FARINA (Built in Italy) Hydraulic Press Brake,
Type 125/25, Model PFO-PS-N, S/N 9841001/P (New 2001)
Rated tonnage 125 metric ton/137 U.S. short ton
Overall length of ram 100-3/8"
Overall length and width of bed 100-3/8" x 6-3/4"
Distance between uprights 86-1/4"
Distance, centerline of bed to machine frame 12-5/8"
Length of stroke, approximately 14"
Maximum distance, top of bed to bottom of upper 16"
Distance, floor to machine bed 37"
Bed width x depth (for die tang) 1/2" x 3/4" with (5) 7/16" wide t slots
Hydraulic tank capacity 100 gallons
Flush floor design, no pit required
Roller bearing type ram guides
#DA65 DELEM (Manufactured in the Netherlands) two-axis CNC control of ram travel
and back gauge in and out positioning. Control has a 3.5" floppy disc drive, RS-232
port, 11" CRT, and is mounted in a swing-arm pendant.
Manual vertical adjustment of back gauge height
(16) 6" Wide upper die holders
(3) Hydraulically actuated bed deflection compensation cylinders
(2) 5" Wide x 23-5/8" long front mounted work support arms that are fully adjustable for
height and positioning along the bed
Remote operator's control station with dual remote electric foot pedals and dual electric
Plexiglass safety guard covering the rear of the machine
DFS laser RX light screen safety system mounted on bed
SIEMENS programmable controller (PLC)
Automatic way lubrication system
25 H.P. 3/60/460 volt hydraulic pump motor and electrical controls
Approximate Weight: 23,000 Lbs.
Approximate Dimensions: 145" L-R x 92" F-B x 120" High
Condition: Like New. Machine was purchased from U.S. government
surplus and has seen little use.
Price (F.O.B. Truck, York, PA): $49,500.00