100 hp phase converter


Subject: 100 hp phase converter
Convert Single Phase Power Into Three Phase Power!!!!
Soft Start. Designed for Low Starting Current. Switches From High Power Output to Balanced Output For CNC Use. Requires 200-400 Amp Circuit Depending On Load.
230V Single Phase Input 230V 3 Phase Output
Full Power Will Run Up To 100Hp Total Load Largest Hp: 50 Smallest Hp: 20 (Requires 400 Amp Circuit To Run Full Power)
Balanced Out For CNC Will Run 40KW Total CNC Load/Machine or 50Hp Total Load
Largest Hp: 25 Smallest Hp: 1/2 (Requires 200 Amp Circuit)
Draws 230 Amps Inrush @ Startup. Idles at 27-61 Amps
Very Easy To Connect! Very Easy To Operate!!
Panel Measures 36"X36"X10" and Can Mount To Wall. Motor Can Sit Anywhere and Wire Into Panel With Easy Terminal Block Connections.
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