1 million us geo expandable banners, huge ctr


Subject: 1 million us geo expandable banners, huge ctr
1,000,000 US GEO and Category/Channel Targeted Expandable Banners On Very High Profile Websites with one of the best web traffic companies on the net.
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We have placed code and pay publishers with high traffic sites to place code to produce a Banner as visitors enter their site. This Real Estate is highly visible to the viewer expanding on a mouse over to give more details of your offer.
This is counted by 24hr uniqueness, if the same person sees your banner more than once in a 24hr period, it only counts to your campaign once!
We provide stats that are run direct between the server and your site and our stats are final as 3rd party stats/counters fail and prove unreliable in an offsite environment during high traffic stress. The only considerations for dispute are w/provision of server logs as we request and the confirmation in those logs of a 70% variance in total delivery count.
Know the limits of site,server, and hosting as this will greatly affect all and we hold no liability for any result due to inability to handle this traffic.
No Adult illegal in U.S., hate, warez, or adult sites accepted.
No hate/illegal/adult-All Pg rated content,No warez,virus,trojan,auto-download,framebreakers,browser-altering
Sound, redirectors, scripts that change the home page settings, message boxes, download boxes, ect. are NOT allowed.
Banner design is your responsiblity.
We have the right to refuse service to any Banner/Site we determine is inappropriate for our network.