1 lot brown boveri turbine & compressor parts


Subject: 1 lot brown boveri turbine & compressor parts
1 Lot Brown Boveri Turbine & Compressor Parts
For Brown Boveri Turbine Drive TM-71 Type DG SSFP
Wheel for Governing Shaft P/N 31
Spring for Power Piston p/N 29
Thrust Journal Bearing 65MM P/N D404575 coupling end entity
Journal Bearing With Adjusting Plates 65MM
Pinion & Bearing Sleeve for 2nd main oil pump
Pinion With Shaft, Nut, & Brush
Spring-Weights Bushing Set for Emergency Governor 2643,2644,2645
For Brown Boveri #11 7500CFM Isotherm Compressor
Bearing P/N 10171 Size 75MM Pinion Coupling Mod NHX25
Bearing P/N 10173 Size 55MM Pinion Mod NHX25
Bearing P/N 10175 Size 75MM Gear Wheel
Bearing P/N 10174 Size 75MM Gear Wheel