1.5" ams extruder


Subject: 1.5" ams extruder
Automated Manufacturing Systems
West Palm Beach Florida, 33401
1 1/2 Inch 24 to 1 Co-Extruder
240/3/60 @ 30amp Free Standing Control Panel housing the following:
. QTY (3) HEAT/COOL barrel zones, QTY (2) HEAT/ONLY die zones, including mercury relays, fuse protection and associated wiring and thermocouples AMS Autotune Temperature Controllers
. Motor STOP/START station, with Screw RPM and Motor Amp Displays and ten turn potentiometer.
. 1 HP AC Vector Motor Control.
. QTY (3) Barrel Blowers for Cooling.
. High Temperature Barrel heaters wired for 240 VAC.
Mechanical Specifications and Hardware include the Following:
. 24 to 1 Bi-metallic Barrel bimetallic Liner for Fluoropolymers
. Hopper Approximately 25 LBS.
. Heavy Duty Double Reduction Gear Box.
. Machine to be geared 0-80 Screw RPM.
. High Temperature Insulation And Barrel Cover.
IMMEDIATE DELIVERY from receipt of written PO and Deposit.
We are not a broker. We are a small extrusion company. We currently specialize in production of new extrusion equipment of our own design.
If you have any additional needs, we can probably take care of them. From drives, motors, and electronics equipment to full extrusion lines we have what you need. Check out our website www.ams-plasticextrusions.com My name is Brandon and my cell # is . My email is . Feel free to call or email any time.